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50 years of clinical chemistry

50 years of clinical chemistry

The history of clinical chemistry automation is fairly recent and began in the late 1950s. Crony Instruments S.r.l., with his 50 years of age, is proud to say to have written in person a part of this story.

Crony Instruments Srl, founded in 1967 by a group of research specialists from nuclear, chemical, electronics, mechanics and optics, in 50 years gained technical experience in producing analyzers and managerial experience in dealings with end customers, local dealers and large multinational corporations. Experience that only time can produce.

This and the professionalism of the founders of Crony Instruments have enabled the development of bio-engineering products, including, in 1969, the first discrete chemistry analyzer with direct reading.

Just since 1969, the Crony Instruments S.r.l., has patented and introduced in the market a large number of automatic and semi-automatic analyzers, marketed directly or through its sales network around the world. In addition, Crony Instruments S.r.l., has developed and continues to develop and produce analyzers on OEM basis for a large number of multinational companies in the field of clinical chemistry, immunology and coagulation.

Crony Instruments S.r.l., a privately owned and highly successful company, is actively investing in the research and development of new products using the latest technology. Today, as in the past, the Crony Instruments S.r.l. uses the collaboration of a highly specialized research group and continues to develop new and always more sophisticated products for the Clinical Chemistry laboratory. In addition, Crony Instruments S.r.l. cooperates with external specialized consultants for particular or special projects in order to maintain its status as an up to date and technically innovating company.