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Saturno 100 is a jewel in the Clinical Chemistry Analyzer manufactured by Crony. It’s the smallest of the Saturno analyzer family and offers new possibilities and advantages in application in both routine and STAT testing in Clinical as well as in Veterinary laboratories. It uses the well proven “SATURNO” software for maximum efficiency and simplicity in operation. It’s small in size – but a giant in performance.
Saturno 100 is a true Random Access Analyzer incorporating the latest in smart technology. A sophisticated user friendly software, dedicated to the needs of the smaller or medium size Laboratory. After 50 years of experience and many thousands of instruments working all over the world, comes the smallest, compact, fast and versatile, bench top analyzer.
Saturno 100 offers many new desirable features, including a throughput of 150 chemistry tests per hour, independent of method, making it unique in its class at a price affordable to every laboratory.

SATURNO 100 can be also supplied with a special program dedicated to the veterinary. It is possible to memorize an unlimited number of species. For each one can be stored in memory the normal ranges of the tests divided for sex and for three segment of age decided by the user.

SATURNO 100 at the moment is reserved to OEM customers.